Thursday, March 15, 2012

Review: Dove Dry Shampoo

I had been meaning to try Dove's Dry Shampoo after reading raving reviews on it. After checking Target and Wal-mart, I was finally able to find it at a local CVS for $4.99. I fell in love with it the first day I tried it. It is easy to pat into my roots and it has the same clean smell as the Dove hairsprays. The product is not too heavy, so it does not make my scalp or roots feel greasy at all. I liked it more and more everyday, even after going three days without washing my hair. This is totally out of the norm for me, as I normally wash my hair at least once a day. I hate the feeling of unwashed hair so I can't go more than a day without washing. I usually blow-dry my hair so it takes its toll on me, I end up getting split-ends very fast. 

That is why I was dying to try the dry shampoo. I figured that this could save me so much time everyday from having to shampoo, condition, then blow-dry. Plus, it saves my hair from the unnecessary heat damage. And this is why I was excited to finally find Dove's dry shampoo. This would have been the perfect product... if only I was still able to use it.

By the fifth day, the bottle sounded empty when I shook it. I pressed the nozzle and nothing would come out. I thought maybe it was clogged, but it wasn't. I tried again the next day, hoping it might work this time, but no luck. I was so sad that not only did I no longer have this product, but I would have to go back to washing my hair on the daily, until I buy a different brand of dry shampoo that I like. 

To be fair, I know that this is a fairly new product so I am hoping Dove will work out its kinks to improve the spray can or the actual shampoo, whatever the problem may be. After going on Dove's website to contact them, I saw that many others had this same problem, so I would think they are working to improve it. I have emailed the company, so I will wait for their response to this problem. I would suggest saving your $5 for the time being, unless you are okay with getting just a couple of uses out of the bottle.

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