Friday, March 16, 2012

MAC Giveaway by *La Bella Vita*

Who doesn't love freebies, especially when it involves MAC makeup?! I recently found *La Belle Vita's* blog and I am hooked. This girl is an inspiration because she has worked hard to maintain her fitness; her weight-loss journey is proof that hard work and DETERMINATION really do pay off. After reading about her journey, I felt compelled to push myself even harder through my workouts. There are times when I plateau and her blog helps me maintain motivated to reach my next goal. Seriously, read it! To top it off, her posts are funny and she really seems like a down-to-earth chick. 

If that's not reason enough to check out her blog, then go enter her MAC lipstick giveaway. It goes to show that she is a sweet girl who wants to give back to her followers. 

Click here to enter her contest!
*Both pictures above taken from her blog.


  1. Awww.... okay, this was by far one of the sweetest things i've read in a good while! thank you so much for the thoughtful post! and i'm so excited you're participating in my MAC giveaway! you seem like such a beautiful person and i'd be so happy if you won <3

    have a happy weekend and stay in touch!

  2. I am also having a MAC lipstick give away, chose the MAC lipstick in the colour of your choice.
    I would love for you to enter