Monday, July 23, 2012

Wet n Wild Megalast

Of all the inexpensive, drugstore brand nail polishes, Wet n Wild's Megalast has quickly become my favorite. For $1.99 per bottle, the polishes really superceded my expectations. I love that I am able to swipe on two coats of this polish, without being too thick or too thin, and the polish dries within minutes. I don't have to watch what I do with my hands for a few hours, as with so many other nail polish brands. I also really like the thickness of the brush because I am able to cover more of my nail with less strokes. My two favorite shades of the moment are Wet Cement and I Need a Refresh-Mint (pictured second and third above). Wet Cement is a perfect taupe, in my opinion. I Need a Refresh-Mint was a good change for me. When I saw it at Walgreens it reminded me of a Tiffany's blue. I had several mint shades already, but this shade seemed more Tiffany's-ish because it is more on the blue side than on the mint green side. All in all, I would definitely recommend this brand if you are a fan of quick-drying polish.

To sum it up here are my likes about Megalast:
* Thick brush for faster, more efficient painting
* Large selection of matte shades
* Polish dries within minutes
* Polish lasts for days without chipping, sometimes weeks (especially on toes)
* Only $1.99 per bottle, sometimes cheaper when on sale
I Need a Refresh-Mint (flash above, no flash below)
Wet Cement (no flash)

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