Friday, April 13, 2012

Beautiful Lengths Hair Donation

After years of growing my hair out, not dyeing it, and only getting trims at the salon, I finally chopped off my hair! This is something I have wanted to do for years, since I first heard that organizations collect hair to make wigs for cancer patients. However, a few years ago I had bleach in my hair so I was not eligible to donate. I stopped bleaching my hair and let all hair dye grow out, and kept growing it. My hair grows quickly so the process was not too long... but my hesitation always stood in the way. I always hesitated and feared the moment that my hair would no longer be considered "long." But in the past few months, I found myself changing views. I have never had short hair because I never felt like it went well with my face shape. I had a bad haircut experience back in third grade, so I kept my hair medium-length to really long ever since then. 

The contrast in this picture puts the focus on my hair. This was the length in February.

The length and the layers

In January, I received some devastating news about a close cousin of mine. I learned that my 11-year-old cousin was diagnosed with leukemia, and it really hurt to learn about the journey he was about to endure. With the help of a lot of other supportive family members, a "Hair Cut Party" was planned, at which many of the males in our family decided to shave their heads in support of my cousin. I decided without hesitation to cut my hair and finally donate it. 

It is heart-breaking that the deciding factor came under these circumstances because I would give anything to cure my cousin, but it also gave me the last push that I needed to go through with the donation. I ended up donating 11 inches and cut my hair into an A-line bob. I sent off my hair to Pantene ProV's Beautiful Lengths program, and hope that it helps a cancer patient in need of a wig.

11 inches!

Short hair

I am still getting used to my short hair. It is so much faster to style. Blow-drying and straightening is not a pain anymore, and my head feels much lighter. I am still looking for new ways to style my hair since there are not as many options as with long hair - with long hair, there is so much you can do. But I am liking that it gives me new looks, I could do certain styles that I could never do with long hair. For example, curls. Since my hair is pretty short, I could do more bouncy, retro-style curls. Curls were a hassle before because my hair was so heavy; it was hard for my hair to hold a curl. Either way, I like both long and short hairstyles. In the end, it's just hair, so I'm having fun with it!

Another one with my short hair. (My bf and me.)

Pantene ProV offers many products and tips for growing your hair out if you wish to donate it. I was using their Replenish Treatment Mask prior to cutting it just to help repair any heat damage I had. You could find more info regarding Beautiful Lengths here.


  1. Wow, what a great cause! I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin though. He is so young :(

    Karen @

    1. Yes, it is hard to see any child go through a struggle like this. Thank you for the kind words!!

  2. Your very pretty with short hair so don't think about it!!
    I'm sorry for your little cousin!!!
    I follow you now!!

    1. That is so sweet, thank you!! I will check out your blog :) xoxo

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    1. Thanks Anna, very sweet!! :) xoxo

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